About me

Taylor’s passion to create a better experience during the mortgage process arose after witnessing a friend almost lose their dream home to a mistake made by their mortgage company. “A day before closing a friend received a phone call from her loan officer telling her that she would need an extra $5,000 to bring to closing. He didn’t seem to realize that $5,000 is a lot of money for most people. The ensuing stress she endured was unnecessary. I knew I could do better and my mortgage career was born.”

A graduate of Temple University, Taylor specializes in helping a new generation of potential home buyers with unique challenges, such as student loan debt, get on the road to home ownership. “I’ve been there and faced many of the same challenges college graduates have when buying a home. It’s more important than ever to talk to a mortgage advisor before beginning a home search and find a mortgage provider with a variety of programs to help you get approved for a mortgage."

"Through PMA’s access to many first-time buyer programs and state-of-the art technology, I have more options to get potential buyers approved and make the home buying process much simpler for my clients.”